FlirtFrenzy takes speed dating into the Web 2.0 world

Web 2.0

flirtfrenzy.jpgDo people even use dating services any more? I thought it was all just Facebook poking these days. Anyway, FlirtFrenzy is a website that aims to combine the offline speed dating format with the latest online technology.

You basically log in, choose a ‘room’ based on real-world locations, and then find a flirting partner. You then have just ten minutes to impress them with your impressive command of l33t-lingo charm and wit, before both parties decide if they want to swap contact details. It works using whizzy AJAX technology.

That said, I’ve just logged in to have a go, and every single room appears to be empty. Maybe it gets busier when the States wakes up.

FlirtFrenzy website (via KillerStartups)

Stuart Dredge
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