First iPhone reviews: "Flawed but great"



If you’re a big-name hack in New York, you’ve probably been strolling around with an iPhone for a couple of weeks now. Walt Mossberg and Kathering Boehret of the Wall Street Journal, and David Pogue of the New York Times are examples, and they’ve just published their reviews of Apple’s first mobile phone.

Both conclude that it’s an impressive device that justifies much of its hype, but both also highlight important flaws. For example, the list of missing features is as long as your arm: no video recording, flash support, instant messaging, direct access to the iTunes Store, and no way of using your digital music tracks as ringtones.

Meanwhile, both rip into the sluggish speed of the AT&T Wireless EDGE network that the iPhone uses for data connections, meaning that if you’re not hooked up to a Wi-Fi network or hotspot, internetweb surfing using the much-vaunted Safari browser is painful.

Anyway, there’s much more info in the reviews (linked below) on stuff like battery life, user interface, and how well the virtual keyboard performs. These are the first ‘independent’ detailed reviews of the iPhone, so are well worth chewing over before deciding whether to buy. Not that they’ll put off any of the people already queuing outside Apple Stores, of course.

Walt Mossberg Wall Street Journal iPhone review
David Pogue New York Times iPhone review

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