Why iPhone will cost some users $3,034.76 over first two years


iphone-top-dollar.jpgHow much? That’s right. If you’re in the US and buy the 8GB iPhone on the most expensive contract available, you’ll end up paying over THREE GRAND over the course of the two-year AT&T Wireless contract that you’ll have to sign up to.

Here’s how it works. The 4GB iPhone costs $499, while the 8GB model is $599. There’ll then be a $36 activation charge, and then a choice of three monthly tariffs – $59.99, $79.99 or $99.99 – which all run for two years. You do the maths (and then tell your granny to pack her things, as you’re putting her on eBay).

Admittedly, cheapskates will be able to pay $1,975 over the two years for an iPhone, rather than the $3,035 top-whack price. But still, that’s a fat sack of cash heading in Apple’s direction – no wonder the analysts are beaming.

(via iPhonic)

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