Daily Tech Hotlinks for 19-June-2007: Wi-Fi, Broadband, Yahoo, EA, Vodafone

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– A Venezuelan tech-god puts the rest of us to shame by setting a new record for the longest Wi-Fi link, of 237 miles.
– John Howard, the embarassing Aussie Prime Minister has announced a US$1.68 billion initiative to bring broadband to 99% of the population by 2009. Now, to get at least 80% of the population to buy computers and actually start using electricity…
– Yahoo’s Terry Semel has stepped down from his cushy CEO role after being on board for six years. We guess if we had to put up with Larry and Serge at Google we’d want to resign, too.
– EA games are reorganising the company into four smaller units, in order to boost efficiency and focus on specific segments, such as sports, casual gamers, and The Sims. I presume the fourth unit is ‘shoddy car racing games’?
– Vodafone are keeping up with T-Mobile by reducing flat rate mobile broadband data packages and capping charges whilst roaming abroad, to ‘just’ £8.50 for 24 hours of data use. Errr, nice one, big V.

Katherine Hannaford
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