The Germans love Futitsu Siemens' ESPRIMO PCs

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And they love the ESPRIMO range because of its environmentally friendly features. They love them so much they have, as a nation, awarded them the “Blue Angel” certificate – a consumer flag that lets buyers know the products are nice and good to the world.

The award specifically relates to the ESPRIMO E Series Small Form Factor Notebook and the ESPRIMO P Series Microtower. If you have one of those, you are doing your bit to save the world – so can turn the central heating up a few degrees to compensate.

The Blue Angel guidelines are strict on power consumption and also frown upon the use of harmful materials that will leak into the water supply when you throw your £1200 notebook in the bin in 2012. So they need to be recyclable for the Angel to smile upon them.

In other environmentally-sound bird-endorsing computer news, Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK S7110 has been awarded a “Nordic Swan”. No, we are not making this up following a bout of lunchtime drinking.

The Nordic Swan is a Scandanavian award that recognises Earth-pleasing PCs with energy-saving features, eco-friendly materials and low noise production.

The LIFEBOOK S7710 does in fact feature an “EcoButton” which reduces processor speed, dims the screen and goes very slightly toward stopping us all from being underwater by the year 2050. That’s why the Nordic Swan loves it so. Although you’d think a swan would he happier if there was more water for it to swim in.

Gary Cutlack
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