Tech Hotlinks for 29-May-07: Zune, BBC Panorama, MS Office, NEC…

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– Microsoft’s Zune MP3-player has already met sales targets ahead of its late-June hopes of one million units sold. C’mon, soldiers, rally up and take one for the team! Get yer credit card ready for a bashing!
– A British science teacher has reported they kicked-out BBC’s Panorama team from the school for practising ‘bad science’. So, a bunch of kids can detect nonsense scaremongering, but the general public can’t?
– Proving the Kiwi dollar isn’t strong enough to afford even Bill Gates’s products, The New Zealand Ministry of Education doesn’t approve of Microsoft software being used on Macs, recently declining to renew the licensing deal for MS Office, instead offering free alternative NeoOffice.
– A 63-year old man has discovered how to turn water into fire. Now, if he could just tell me how to turn fire into money, I’m set…
– In what has probably added up to a heck of a lot of stolen VCRs, NEC employees have been discovered placing fake orders and taking kickbacks from the electronics company, amounting to $22 billion in lost profits.

Katherine Hannaford
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