Google Maps Mobile and Motorola RAZR 2: the latest stories from Shiny Media


– Google Maps Mobile is here. Find out how it compares to the version we know and love [Techscape]

– Motorola’s RAZR 2 has been touted in some quarters as a potential iPhone killer. iPhonic takes a look and reports back [iPhonic]

– Twitter can now merge with your XBox gamertag and alert contacts to what game you’re playing. Twitterati has the details [Twitterati]

– Sony have revealed their yearly operating profits. They would suggest the PS3’s slow start has hit them pretty hard [PSPSPS]

– Get your calenders / diaries / personal organisers out and mark the day. Halo 3’s release date has been revealed [XBoxer]

– Disney’s CEO may be backing Blu-ray, but UK technology retail staff disagree. HDTV UK has the survey details [HDTV UK]

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