ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels



One of the problems with having a lot of electrical plugs is remembering which plug goes with which device. With the ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels that’s no longer a problem. Just stick the label that has the drawing of the device on the proper plug. They come in three styles “Office”, “Electronics”, and “Household.” “Office” contains 22 office computer labels & 10 office equipment labels; “Electronics” has 16 home computer labels, 16 audio/video equipment labels, and 8 charger labels for wireless devices; “Household” has 8 kitchen basics labels, 8 gourmet kitchen labels, 24 household labels and 8 workshop labels. $6, and worth every penny if it saves you one moment of standing there peering stupidly at your cable coils, by which I mean rat’s nest. [GT]

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels [via<a href=”>UberReview]

Gabrielle Taylor
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