Kodak Ultra – a single-use camera with style


I’m guessing the demand for single-use cameras has gradually diminished over the last few years with the growth of the digital camera and the camera phone. But there are time when you don’t want to risk an expensive piece of kit when you’re out and about (certainly in some of the pubs and clubs I’ve been in), so a camera like the Kodak Ultra disposable might fit the bill.

The most striking thing about it is the looks – it actually has a bit of style, rare for a throwaway camera – and from a distance not unlike a vintage camera. It’s also been boosted technically, now featuring a Kodak Ektanar lens and using Kodak’s 800-speed film.

“The new Ultra Compact Camera is an ideal complement to a digital picture-taking experience,” said Julian Baust, Chairman & Managing Director, Kodak Limited. “With its sleek new design, it provides an alternative that’s as attractive as it is functional. Easy-to-use, stylish and reliable, consumers can pull it out on the slopes, at a formal gathering, or at a children’s birthday party and capture great pictures.”

You can pick one up from Boots for £9.99.

Kodak website

Dave Walker
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