Hamster powered paper shredder



Is the Hamster powered paper shredder the ultimate in green power – harnessing activity generating otherwise wasted energy to achieve a practical result? Or, is it a cruel re-enactment of serfdom involving your hamster slave? As with most moral dilemmas, only you can decide yourself whether you’re acting in purest virtue or vilest self-interest, but either way, it’s a slow (and concept-only) method of shredding your credit card statements. [GT]

Hamster powered paper shredder [via Technabob]

Gabrielle Taylor
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One thought on “Hamster powered paper shredder

  • Here in Montréal we have people looking through trash and recycling bins every night looking for documents that can be used for identity theft. They also go through the bins at our local recycling center. And I read an article in the NYTimes recently about an epidemic of identity theft in Arizona, especially around Phoenix. I do think it’s still a problem.Even if identity theft weren’t an issue, I just don’t want to have other people reading my private papers (bank statements, receipts, printed e-mails, etc.).
    I suppose if you’re just shredding receipts you could get by with a pair of scissors, but I typically shred much more than that, and I don’t always have time to shred things every day so they pile up. I just took five archive boxes full of papers to my local shredding service; it would have taken me many hours to put that all through my little shredder at home.

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