Cerebrex DreamWare lets you control your dreams



When I was young (a lie; my mother says I was born 40) I tried lucid dreaming, the psychological process whereby one tries to train oneself to become conscious within one’s dreams, and control them to one’s whim – flying, erotic escapades, nuclear eyebeams, etc. However, the techniques always failed for me, simply snapping me awake out of REM, which is hard on the old synapses. The Cerebrex DreamWare NovaDreamer provides a technological route to lucid dreaming, including a programming video, LED mask you wear while sleeping, enrolment in the Lucidity Institute, and 2 AAA batteries. Nothing for you to lose sleep over. $275. [GT]

Cerebrex DreamWare NovaDreamer [via Gizmodo]

Gabrielle Taylor
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