Google Apps to add presentation software, rivalling PowerPoint?

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google-apps.gifGoogle plans to extend its Google Apps office software with the introduction of a presentation application that takes a shot at Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

As with the other applications, users will use the software online, but will be able to save files and view them off line – kind of useful if you’re doing a presentation away from an Internet connection, though I can foresee problems if you need to edit a presentation last minute and don’t have a connection.

As yet unnamed, the application should be available from the summer.

“We believe we can bring presentations to a new level of user satisfaction,” said Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. “We don’t think it competes with Microsoft, because it doesn’t have all the functionality of Office. It’s a different way of sharing information, more casual, and a better fit to how people use the Web.”

Eric might not be publicly saying that Google are taking on Microsoft, but it’s increasingly obvious that they are.

If you always have Net access, then free, online presentation software could be a real enticer, particularly if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that Microsoft’s products offer.

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Andy Merrett
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