Good versus evil foosball table from 20LTD



On the white side: Santa Claus, Sir Thomas More, Bobby Moore, Dr. Jekyll, Christopher Robin, Francis of Assisi, Flash Gordon, Mother Teresa, Mary Poppins, God and Mohandas Gandhi. On the red side: Vlad the Impaler, Lucifer, Caligula, Mr. Hyde, Pol Pot, Hitler, Idi Amin, Jack the Ripper, Rosa Klebb, Lady Macbeth and the Child Catcher. Take control of angels and monsters on your break with the Good versus evil foosball table – assuming one of the twenty who put out £14,500 to get one of these limited edition toys wants to sell. Or you could just pick fights on the tube for free. [GT]

Good versus evil foosball table [via OhGizmo]

Gabrielle Taylor
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