Get your blood up with the The Circulation Booster Mobile



Circulation problems can cause anything from the minor discomfort of pins-and-needles, to the life-threatening blood clots of Deep Vein Thrombosis caused by cramped postures during long air travel (or sitting at your desk too much – my own brother suffered a would’ve-been-fatal clot while animating too hard with his computer, so get up and walk around sometimes, guys!). It is also a serious issue for diabetics. The Circulation Booster Mobile is a small, hand-held gadget that just might save your life next time you have to fly to Mongolia. The unit zaps your skin with a mild electrical current (which is much less unpleasant than actual death) which causes your nerve endings to contract and relax your muscles. The result is increased blood flow, meaning your body works better on the whole and is less likely to suddenly stop working. Hooray! £99, or £84.26 if you have a long-term illness which qualifies you for VAT exemption. [GT]

The Circulation Booster Mobile

Gabrielle Taylor
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