Wii fights back as PS3 launches


Boogie_3.jpgIt’s all about PlayStation 3 today, as far as news goes. Yet despite the big splash being made by the launch of Sony’s console, life hasn’t stopped for its next-gen rivals.

In fact, this has probably been one of the best weeks yet for Nintendo’s Wii, as documented over on WiiWii. For example, EA has just unveiled its first Wii-exclusive game, Boogie (pictured), a rhythm-action title that sees you dancing AND singing for points.

Sega has also been talking about the Wii-exclusive features within its Alien Syndrome action-RPG, while Namco has announced that the next version of its marvellous Katamari ball-roller is also heading Wiiwards.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has announced plans to launch the final version of its Wii Opera browser next month, complete with improved zooming and scrolling, faster access to favourite sites, and some neat button shortcuts to save typing in long addresses. Oh, and Wii owners can download SNES classic The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the Virtual Console this weekend too.

Finally, if you’re looking for a respite from videos of the PS3 in action (and heaven knows, we’ve got ’em), how about a pair of Wii-related clips? First there’s a philosophical video that’ll leave you scratching your head (although I won’t say whether that’s in awe or bafflement), and then there’s a chance to see a live performance of the Mario theme. With lyrics! Don’t mention it.

Stuart Dredge
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