Saturday 24th March 2007 is Shutdown Day


shutdownday.gifA global experiment takes place tomorrow. Shutdown Day is an Internet experiment to see whether people can manage without their computers for one whole day – 24 hours.

With so many people reliant, even addicted to computers and the Internet, that may not be as easy as you think.

Of course, some people will be working, though putting the event on a Saturday increases the chances that only personal computer use is affected.

There are plenty of things that we could all be doing instead of using our computers: walking, gardening, cooking, cycling, swimming, going to see a film… well, I’m sure you can use your imagination.

The official website is keeping count of how many people are accepting the challenge, versus those who simply cannot live for a whole 24 hours without their PC.

Those who can? 53,792. And who can’t? 8,519.

I’m undecided. Whilst I’ve got a fairly busy schedule over the weekend, I’m sure to want to check my email or pop into Facebook at some point during the day. How about you?

Andy Merrett
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