Is technology addiction a reality?


Yesterday it was reported that Zurich’s Department for the Prevention of Addiction had launched a poster campaign warning of Net addiction. Naturally, it pointed potential addicts to its web site, where they could fill in a self-assessment questionnaire.

In a statement, the department warned that increasing usage of the Net – and in particular virtual worlds, chat rooms, online games and sex sites – could lead to dependence comparable to other addictions. The problem may affect 50,000 Swiss, who could be experiencing psychological withdrawal symptoms, problems at work and in real-world social settings.

Earlier this week we reported that 9 out of 10 mobile users couldn’t go a day without their phones.

We’re being tempted with all sorts of mobile devices, Internet services, broadband, wi-fi, high-def TV, and much more. Are we becoming addicted to technology for entertainment and communication? Are we losing the art of real meetings with real people, face-to-face? Or is this just alarmist? The Net is incredibly useful for all sorts of things, but is it intruding into too much of our lives?

What’s your view?

Andy Merrett