Premium rate TV phone in scams quizzes will need a lottery licence

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bluepeterlogo.jpgTV channels looking to boost revenue through high priced phone in competitions will need a licence from September.

Changes in gambling legislation passed in 2005 and due to come into effect later this year will clear up the ambiguity about what is and is not a lottery, according to the Register.

The changes will cover many TV phone in quizzes – some of which are currently under investigation by Ofcom for not playing fair.

Programmes such as Richard and Judy, the X Factor and even children’s TV staple Blue Peter have admitted to errors or misleading information with regards to premium rate phone in quizzes.

If a competition only involves chance, and no skill, then it’s a lottery. As such, it will require a licence that costs £30,000 and 20 percent of income must go to charity.

Premium-rate phone operators will soon need a lottery licence

Blue Peter says we’re very, very, very sorry.

Will Head
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