Want an iPhone? Get one on eBay

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apple-iphone-in-hand-thumb.jpgWell, sort of – if you’re up for a punt. Computerworld managed to track one down on the auction site, but as soon as it notified eBay the listing was pulled.

The magazine managed to trace the highest bidder – whpub – though, who was quite happy to slap down $1,125 on the as yet unreleased mecha-must have.

The buyer reckoned the bid was low risk, high reward. “EBay insures up to $200 and PayPal up to $2,000 if the seller does not deliver,” whpub told Computerworld. “Besides, there are rumors of iPhones being shipped as early as early April, and there’s always a chance this seller managed to get one somehow.”

EBay took it less philosophically. When asked for comment it said: “Thanks … for informing us of the Apple iPhone listings. As we understand, the Apple iPhone will not be commercially available until June. Any such listings claiming to be selling the Apple iPhone are in violation of eBay’s pre-sale policy which require sellers to guarantee shipment of the item listed within 30 days from the date of purchase. As such, all postings violating eBay’s pre-sale policy will be removed.”

Elusive iPhone is sold on eBay

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