Why your MySpace profile could lose you that dream job

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drunk.jpgPicture the scene. You’ve made it to the final round of interviews for an amazing job, offering a huge salary, a wealth of benefits, and more minions than you’d know what to do with. You’re sailing through the questions with aplomb, and the job’s in the bag.

But wait. Suddenly, one of the interviewer asks you about a blog post you made years ago on your personal site, in which you boasted about spending the weekend snorting horse-strength LSD before fighting your boss and running naked down Oxford Street. Around the room, the other interviewers curl their lips. They’re disgusted.

You’re Fired! Before you’ve even been hired. This situation isn’t just something that could happen. It’s happening already, judging by a survey carried out by business social networking site Viadeo. Read the full story on Techscape.

Stuart Dredge
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