Sony's GIGA JUKE HDD Hi-Fi – iPod in the shape of a Hi-Fi

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Sony will probably never forgive me for describing their new GIGA JUKE as an iPod Hi-Fi, but since HDD means basically nothing to normal folk, it seemed like the easiest way to explain what it is. Two models have been announced Sony NAS-50HDE, also known as the GIGA JUKE HDD System and the NAC-HD1E GIGA JUKE HDD. or GIGA JUKE HDD Deck. The System model can store up to 40,000 tracks on its 80GB hard drive, while the Deck, which is as a standalone system to connect to your current hi-fi has a 250GB hard disk drive capable of storing up to 375 hours of music.

Both can rip CDs straight onto the player and you can transfer tracks directly to your music player, mobile phone and PSP. Apparently, players other than the WALKMAN are also supported, but you will need a WALKMAN phone if you want to transfer tracks onto your mobile.

The “x-DJ” will create themed playlists automatically, using software that automatically categorises your tunes into different groups (wake up music, dance tracks etc) and there’s also auto Artist/Album/Track Title Labelling. You can record straight off the radio, with the ‘Radio Music Channel’ function splitting tunes from the DJ chit chat.

The GIGA JUKE HDD Audio System will be available from mid May 2007 and The GIGA JUKE HDD Deck will be available from June 2007. You can pre-order both from Sony Style [Katie Lee]
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  • I bought the Sony giga juke hi-fi and was most disappointed by the poor quality of radio reception the errors misidentifying individual tracks and entire albums andthe 116 page operating instructions booklet which was a challenge and laden wiyh gobbledygook.The staff in Leeds Sony Centre were neither Knowledgable nor helpful.

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