Wii may be a "fad", but it's got Mario and Sonic in the same game

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m_s_artwork.jpgMuch debate this week around the future for Nintendo’s Wii, which is still riding on a wave of positive publicity, despite rumblings about the continued lack of consoles actually available to buy.

Not every game developer agrees, mind. Brian Hastings, chief creative officer at Insomniac Games, has blasted Wii as a “mainstream fad” that’ll run its course within the year. “I think the Wii will be more successful than the GameCube or N64 but in the long run will still be outsold by the PS3,” he says.

It’s unlikely that Wii owners will pay much attention, mind. Today they’re all jumping up and down with glee at the news that Nintendo and Sega have teamed up for a joint athletics game: Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games. Nintendo games guru Shigeru Miyamoto reckons it’ll prove once and for all which character is the fastest.

(both stories via WiiWii)

Stuart Dredge
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