Find love on public transport with On The Same Track web service

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onthesamtrack.gif“We’ve all been there. We see someone on our train journey and wish there was an easy way to chat to him/her. Let’s face it, it’s more difficult in real life.”

That’s the opening gambit of the new networking web site that seeks to bring together people who share the same regular commute on public transport.

The sign-up process is simple: provide details of your regular train journey, your photo and description, and then see matches with others who share your commute.

By sharing your mobile phone number, people can send you an SMS alert and invite you to go online to check them out. Of course, that’s not going to work on the Tube – maybe that’ll add to the dash of commuters rushing up the left-hand side of the escalators to get a signal so they can text that hottie whose armpit they’ve been admiring for the past 10 stops.

Or perhaps not.

It’s a novel new idea. I’ve refrained from calling it a dating web site as it’s billed as more than that – but let’s face it, that’s probably what it will be used for.

The downside, as with other services (such as I Saw You Once), is that both interested parties need to have signed up. Maybe more traditional methods still have their place.

As an incentive, the first 3,000 registrants will get ‘free for life’ membership.

Mix it up with Undersound and it’d be a cracking social networking concept.

Andy Merrett
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