New web service seeks to help shy who experience love at first sight


isawyouonce.jpgA new website has been launched which aims to help those people who meet someone fleetingly in a public place, are attracted to them, yet are too shy or embarrassed to do anything about it.

Dana Morgan set up “I Saw You Once” after meeting ‘the man of her dreams’ during her weekly shop:

We flirted our way round the supermarket but neither of us had the confidence to make the first move and before I knew it the chance was gone. The instinct was so strong I literally went back every week in the hope of seeing him again and after six weeks I gave up. Talking to my friends, I realised how common this is with so many people missing out on love because of shyness – so I decided to do something about it. I strongly believe that fate brings people together for a reason but nerves get in the way. I Saw You Once is all about helping people to play the cards fate dealt you.”

The system works, in principle at least, by allowing you to log on and report your sighting. By providing as much information as you can about where and when you saw the other person, and what they looked like (“Phwooar” probably isn’t going to help), the service aims to match you up with that other person – provided that they (a) know about the service, (b) have signed up to it, and (c) found you attractive enough to mention you.

Could happen. Either that, or it’s a lesson that you need to be more forthright on your weekly shop.

On that thought, I’ll leave you with the site’s opening poem. If this doesn’t make you want to sign up, I don’t know what will:

A glance, a chat,
the briefest flirtation,
at the beach,
or a club,
even a railway station!
too shy to ask ’em out?
or got a memory infection?
I Saw You Once can make that connection!

Andy Merrett
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