Teens walking round with over £750 worth clothing and gadgets


ipod.jpgA new survey conducted by the insurance firm Cornhill Direct has shown that the average teenager walks around with an average of £768 worth of clothing, accessories, and gadgetry, of which electronics items like mobile phones and MP3 players makes up for around £300 of that total, with watches accounting for a further £75.

Clothing’s a whole other issue which I think is best left to our fashion sites, but when it comes to technology…

Teens carry at least one mobile phone, bought for an average £127.58, and one MP3 player costing on average £150.

Worryingly, 3 out of 10 teenagers admit to losing their possessions or having them stolen.

“Parents should try to prevent them leaving the home with too much expensive kit on them,” said Mark Bishop of Cornhill Direct. Yeah, that’s going to down really well.

(Via Daily Record)

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Andy Merrett
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