iPods for students to encourage study

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Despite our students being the most high-tech and well-kitted out in UK history, a Dover college is bribing encouraging its students to catch up on missed lectures in their own time by giving away free iPods so they can download podcast versions.

They’ve shelled out 25 grand on Nano’s for some 250 students. Not surprisingly it’s controversial and the Campaign for Real Education said it was wrong to offer bribes and that it devalued education.

It also might be a nice addition to Apple’s bulging coffers, but it cost taxpayers (surprise surprise)

I’m all for podcasts of lectures – excellent idea – but I’m not sure about giving out free iPods. Maybe they should invest in the (not yet released) iAlarm, Apple’s new alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning. C’mon students, just go to your lectures in the first place, eh?

Of course the podcasts aren’t supposed to be a replacement for high-quality, in situ teaching, and the college don’t see an attendance problem looming.

What do you reckon?

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “iPods for students to encourage study

  • I think it’s a great idea!

    Youngsters simply ‘get’ iPods – and so this type of teaching aid is sure to be a hit.

    The iPod is not just about music and videos! That lil’ white, (or whatever color), box in your pocket can do much more!

    Heck – I even set up a web site a few months ago – http://www.expodition.com – where users can download travel guides to their iPods for when they’re out and about or visiting new places – and it’s proven to be a hit.

    iPods rock!!!



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