Are gadgets leading to teen obesity?


Apparently our kids aren’t healthy – and technology’s to blame. That’s according to new research from the British Dietetic Association, which claims that British teens spend two and a half months every year in front of a TV, PC, laptop, handheld console, mobile phone and MP3 player.

The telly is apparently most to blame, with the average teen now spending two hours every single day glued to it, not even shifting for food – over a third eat their evening meal on their laps in front of the box. And of course, all this static entertainment means a lack of exercise – which can lead to obesity.

According to registered dietitian and BDA spokesperson Dr Frankie Phillips: "The lack of physical activity is really taking its toll on teenagers’ health, it’s no wonder that obesity levels are rising at such a huge rate. If teens could replace half the amount of time they spend on screen-based recreation with physical activity, they would look and feel so much better."

The association is currently running Weight Wise: The Next Generation all over the UK to help teens get more active, healthier and more weight wise about what they’re eating. For more information, visit

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