LG's "cutting edge" washing machine with designer looks


  There’s so many challenges in our world today, but rest assured, LG is on the case for at least one of them – to create a washing machine that isn’t a plain colour. And thankfully, in conjunction with the Designer’s Guild, they’ve succeeded – producing 4 limited edition steam washing machines combining the latest technology with "cutting edge" interior style.

The limited edition Steam Direct Drive comes in four "stylish" prints – Cloisonné (butterflies and flowers on a black matt background), Imperial Flower (a red floral damask design on a white background), Sevilla (gree floral on white) and Ribailagua (pictured).

In terms of the machine technology, it uses a Dual Spray system to spray hot steam and water on fabric, which apparently improves washing performance and it’s eco-friendly – using 35% less water and 21% less energy than traditional washers. Good news for those of you with a water shortage. And for the lazier amongst us, the machine’s Refresh programme uses steam only to remove creases in garments in just 20 minutes – so no need for ironing.

The limited edition LG Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine will be available at Harrods and John Lewis in Imperial Flower, Sevilla and Ribailagua from June 2006 and in Cloisonné from October 2006. Price to be confirmed.

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