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roadstar.jpegSatnav systems are steadily morphing into general entertainment devices – I can’t help wondering how long it is until the iPod gets a GPS chip and starts telling you when to turn left. But in the meantime, Roadstar’s new Navigazione satnav system offers a blend of navigation and music.

Oh, and it’s got a four-inch LCD touch-screen, complete with backlight and ‘night mode’ maps for driving in the dark. The touch-screen makes it easier to enter destination details, while it supports seven-digit postcodes and street addresses as search methods.

Once underway, the device offers both 2D and 3D mapping, turn-by-turn instructions, and a fast detour and error-correction feature. The music comes courtesy of 512MB of internal flash memory, which Roadstar suggests could be filled up with Lionel Richie, The Temptations and Wet Wet Wet.

I’m sure you’ll have other ideas (Phil Collins, perhaps?). You can connect the Navigazione to your car stereo, or listen through its supplied headphones. the device costs £199.99, and is out now.

Roadstar Navigazione website

Stuart Dredge
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  • Hi, I want to upgrade my sat-nav so that it takes every post-code I put into it. How do I get this “upgrade”?
    Thanks. Pete…

  • Recently received RGPS404 as gift. It does not always recognise post codes or street names. Can this be rectified.

  • I want a satnav which gives me the speed limit of the road I am on, and a warning when I exceed that limit. I know the RGPS404 does the latter, but I am concerned about the accuracy of the database and how it can be updated. The RGPS404 which I had on trial was unusable because there were too many errors (wrong speed limits)in the database. Has this been rectified?

    Tom Hollings

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