Microsoft's CEO laughs at the iPhone, makes bold Zune claims

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Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s erratic CEO, laughed at Apple’s iPhone during a recent TV interview with CNBC, mainly because of the price. He then claimed that the Zune claimed 20-25% of the high end music player market.

He wasn’t exactly convincing, though:

“”I don’t know, but I think most estimates would say we took about 20-25 per cent of the high end of the market. We weren’t down at some of the lower price points, but for devices $249 and over we took, you know, let’s say about 20 per cent of the market.”

Tell it like it is, Steve. Or like you think it possibly might be.

It’s an interesting figure, given other reports that suggest otherwise.

If you fancy watching it, it’s miraculously found its way onto YouTube:

Andy Merrett
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