Mobile game of the week: Tomb Raider Legend 3D

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laralegend.jpgOkay, so you can turn Lara Croft into a 2D platform game, but it doesn’t really do justice to, well, the reason millions of sweaty-joysticked men fell for her in the first place. Yes, gamers, I’M TALKING ABOUT BREASTS. Well, and free-roaming action adventures in three dimensions, obviously.

Anyway, Eidos’ mobile division clearly know this, which is why they’ve released Tomb Raider: Legend. It only works on the swankiest handsets, but you get proper 3D visuals throughout, with a mix of platform-swinging gun-shooting gland-wiggling action.

It’s getting a good critical reaction, and is now available to buy for just over £7 from Eidos’ own website, as well as a mobile operator portal near you. On your phone, I mean.

Stuart Dredge
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