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IntelliScanner%20mini.jpgTruly a gadget for the super (anally) organised, the IntelliScanner is a “Mini Home Organisation Scanner” which means it will happily scan and then help organise your home collections – not just the more obvious things like CDs, DVDs and books, but wine, groceries and comics.

The IntelliScanner Corporation say that they’re the worldwide leader in smart organisation scanners for home and business. Good to know…

This offering is about the size of a car keyfob, and uses barcode technology and AutoFill item identification. Ahh, so you probably won’t be able to categorise any collection without barcodes on – drawing them on yourself with a rolling-ruler and a biro probably won’t cut it.

“IntelliScanner mini makes organizing things at home easy with barcode technology designed for the home, all packed into an amazingly small device,” said Paul Scandariato, Director, IntelliScanner Corporation. “We include the scanner and software you need to organise books, comics, groceries, wine, DVDs, CDs, games, and other home assets. Just scan the barcode, plug it in just like a digital camera, and you’re well on your way to being more organized in 2007.”

Of course, the device doesn’t run around and collect these ‘home assets’ – so if you move a DVD after you’ve scanned it, it won’t help you find it. (Maybe they should combine it with RFID tags and Asimo)

The six pieces of software that come with it automatically organise your collections, by scanning the barcode and then searching Internet databases for detailed product information. According to the manufacturers:

Each program is highly customised for the type of item it organises—Wine Collector calculates bottle maturity and cellar locations, Media Collector tracks DVD lending to friends, Comic Collector prints IntelliScanner Comic Tags for uniform issue management, and much more.

Neat, huh? Or just a way to irritate your friends. “Actually, Brian, my IntelliScanner says that you do have my copy of ’24: Series 5′.” (Sorry Brian)

The complete IntelliScanner mini bundle (portable scanner, 6 software tools, neck lanyard, and keychain clip) is now shipping worldwide for US$299.00. UK details to be confirmed. Available for both PC and Mac.

And to prove that the company don’t take themselves too seriously, check out the Scan Responsibly section on their web site:

Please, scan responsibly. Compulsive scanning is a behaviour that has a disruptive effect on individual, family, social and professional life. Anyone can develop a scanning problem; the risk varies from one person to the next. Compulsive scanning does not discriminate: men and women of all age, social, ethnic or economic groups may be affected.


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