CES 2007: top 10 (final edition)

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So it’s over. The geeks have left town, and there’s nowt to do in Vegas but drink and gamble.

Time, then, for us to show you the top 10 videos you’ve liked the most – the little things we filmed that our counters tell us were most popular with you, the readers. Not only are you everyone’s person of the year, but you contributed to Tech Digest in your own special way. I hope that makes you feel good.

1. Asimo. Nuff said.

2. Feeling fat? Want exercise, but don’t want to stop playing video games? Put down that Wii and get on your bike. Not that one, silly, the one that plugs into your game. Drive that car with your thighs of steel mush that will soon become steel. Unless you get bored and go back to killing hookers on GTA.

3. It works like a Wiimote, but it’s not. It’s a T(v)mote. See what I did there? If they sell it under that name I want a cut.

4. Look at my willy telly! It’s huge! 108″ huge! If it bent, I could use it as a duvet.

5. Don’t you hate it when you’re sitting on the sofa, happily watching a film, and the urge for a beer overpowers you but you can’t be bothered to get up? Hate no more! Get the beer-fetching robot instead. You know it’ll be the top of everyone’s Xmas lists this year.

6. Technology for the elderly. We know you’re savvier than this, but your gran could probably do with it. Just don’t let her ask you what a blog is, or you’ll be there for hours months if she’s anything like mine.

7. R2D2 wants to run your life, in a crazed despotic robot fashion. Or maybe he just wants to show you his holiday snaps. Either way, I’d play nice – this robot’s a powerhouse.

8. Gone are the days when everyone and their dog had a Nokia. Still, enough of you are interested in their output that this N76 preview video scored highly in our rankings. Check it out, and then wish the iPhone were coming out sooner.

9. Stu looking very uncomfortable on a horse. Sort of like the bucking broncos you can ride in bars with sawdust on the floor, only with less bucking. I think that makes Stu slightly happier, but I don’t think the poor lad’s overly impressed.

10. I’ve always been afraid of hamsters to a certain extent, but was comforted by the fact that they live in lockable cages. No more. This hamster can drive, and I think he’s pissed off.

Kate Walker
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