CES 2007: Honda's Asimo robot shows off his moves

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Honda unveiled their newest Asimo robot at CES today, and he showed off some sweet moves, including running the length of the stage, running in circles, dancing, playing football and going up and down stairs. Here’s four videos showing it.

First up, Sporty Asimo. He can play football, run like an athlete (a slow one), and even run in circles – which is really hard for a robot to do, trust us.

Asimo arrives at the hall, to a blinding reception.

Dancing Asimo: Asimo shows off his nifty steps, walking forwards and backwards. And then he busts some moves!

Stair climbing Asimo: Asimo has been able to walk up stairs for a while now, but check how smoothly he does it – and walks down too

Susi Weaser
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One thought on “CES 2007: Honda's Asimo robot shows off his moves

  • Fantastic performance. What I am keen to know is how honda overcame balance. I have an idea that it may have used a gyro. Although a very simple contraption, it could, with the aid of powerful computers, be able to determine level ground. Does anyone know any better? Please reply.

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