Macworld 2007: Apple renames itself, now it does a lot more than computers

Computers, Macworld 2007

In what appeared to be quite an emotional moment for Steve Jobs — after the excitement of the iPhone and Apple TV — he made the announcement that “Apple Computers Inc” is no more…

They’ve renamed themselves “Apple Inc.” because they believe they’ve evolved from a computer manufacturer to a fully-fledged consumer electronics company.

It probably won’t make a huge difference to present or future Apple fans. It would be very possible to start reading more into this announcement than is really there. The iPod, the iPhone, and the Apple TV, are all computers – they’re just more mainstream consumer focused than Apple’s desktop and notebook computers have been.

Perhaps a fitting change after Apple’s first 30 years, though, and surely a few more surprises and direction changes in the future. Long live Apple Inc!

Andy Merrett
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