CES 2007: Tosh announces new LCD range

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Toshiba_regza.jpgToshiba is rolling out a whole new line of LCD flat panel TVs that should be available state-side from April, 2007. Although they deliberately differ only slightly from the successful, existing REGZA range, these new models will offer larger screen sizes, ranging from 26 – 57″, and new high-gloss cosmetic designs.

The lower end models still offer resolutions up to 720p and include new advanced Toshiba technologies PixelPure3G and DynaLight, which I’ll go into more detail about on the turn. Within this selection are a 26″ and a 32″ that have an integrated DVD player that will also conveniently upscale your DVDs to 720p.

PixelPure3G advanced 14-bit internal digital video processing offers 4,096 levels of gradation for 16 times the gradation levels of standard 8-bit systems and creates cleaner more natural images by incorporating enhanced MPEG noise reduction technology. DynaLight dynamic backlight control works with PixelPure to monitor the brightness of the incoming video signal, and then adjusts the backlight intensity to maximise contrast. This system creates a dynamic contrast that is up to 5X that of the original panel contrast, significantly improving black levels for deep images in virtually any viewing environment.

At the higher end of the range are four ‘full HD’ 1080p models at 42″, 46″, and new 52″ and, Toshiba’s largest ever, 57″ screen sizes. Along with the above technologies, these incorporate the new ClearFrame 120 Hz anti-blur technology. This doubles the frame rate from 60 frames per second to 120 frames per second using Motion Vector Frame Interpolation, virtually eliminating motion blur without adding flicker or reducing image brightness.

Availability for all 13 models is set for arounf March/April time (in the US) but there’s no word on prices yet.

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