CES 2007: Toshiba's down with the kids after teaming up with MTV's 'URGE' service

CES 2007, MP3 players

Toshiba have just announced a formal partnership with URGE, the digital music service from MTV Networks. It’ll mean a seamless connection between Toshiba’s gigabeat portable media players and the URGE service, working via Windows Media Player 11.

URGE works along the same lines as most other music download providers, offering subscriptions (from $9.99 a month) or single track downloads for 99 cents. That MTV connection means it can offer exclusive content from MTV, VH1 and CMT on top of the usual stuff, all of which will be easy to download onto Toshiba’s MP3 players (including the 60GB S Series and 30GB V series). Apparently we’ll get to see this seamless partnership in action tomorrow, so if it’s anything to write home about we’ll..um, write home about it!

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