CES 2007: LG's portable projector

CES 2007, Gadgets

More from goodies from the Texas Instruments DLP booth. This time it is an ultra mobile projector from LG. It is called the HS101 and it uses LEDs to provide illumination as these don’t get nearly as hot as a normal bulb would and they are a bit less fragile.

Of course, they on’t perform as well either but you can’t complain when the device could probably be squeezed into your coat pocket (well perhaps not quite, but it certainly isn’t far off). It will produce SVGA resolution images, with a contras ratio of 1000:1 and lumens of 100. It might be best used in really dingy basement office then.

It does however enjoy LG’s latest red on black design ethos, based heavily on the monumentally successful LG Chocolated phone, so it does look bloody swish.

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