CES 2007: Concept gaming projectors

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Lurking in a darkened room at the back of Texas Instruments’ DLP stand, there was collection of quirky looking protoype projectors. They were all designed by students at the Guildhall, SMU’s videogames faculty. They are meant to reflect the more unique fashion tastes of games as well as being affordable and portable.

The idea could well pick up someday – all though DLP chip projectors are by no means the cheapest of home cinema components, they do producs a screen size that would cost a hell of a lot to acquire if you went down the HDTV LCD or plasma route. Unfortuntely, further details are fairly thin on the ground, but these can be expected to show up around Xmas time in the US.

The one pictured left, called the ‘XT’, definately looks like it has something a bit Alienware going on. Hit the turn for a couple more.

The ‘Game Ball’ kind of reminds me of the EyeToy

This one, called ‘Pivotal’ was definately a Star Wars extra

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