CES 2007: Handheld navigation Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N100

CES 2007, MP3 players, Personal video players, Satellite Navigation systems

There is a striking similarity between this and the Mio H610, which hopefully means we’ll be seeing a lot more of these diminutive GPS handhelds in the coming year. The N100 also has a very basic, minimaist white design and it plays MP3s, videos and displays photos.

NAVIGON provides the mapping software and it has the interesting quirk of showing proper brand logos for various points of interest (read fast food joints) as you pass them. I had a quick check of the map of the surrounding area around the convention centre in Vegas and found a multitude of golden arches and Burger King symbols popping up everywhere. It also does speed warnings, road sign text and lane advice. Although the screen is a bit small to ever have much over a full blown in-car GPS, it all looks rather cute and the speed at which the screen refreshes makes it all nice and smooth too.

Programming the device uses predictive type, which worked very well, although I wasn’t bowled over by the sensitivity of the touch screen display. You’ll be able to pick the up from March in the US for a fairly hefty sum of $499.

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