CES 2007: Belkin makes iPod into (slightly larger) PVP

CES 2007, MP3 players, Personal video players

This prototype from Belkin is a bit of a strange one: it transforms the 5G iPod, aka the iPod video, into a Portable Video Player. Ignoring the fact that the compatible Apple product already plays videos all by its lonesome, it quite an interesting idea. Maybe it will help to prevent eye strain. The concept design looked pretty distinctive with large flat buttons and a smart little slot for the iPod in the center.

As it is a prototype, further details are basically minimal, although I was assured that it was working yesterday and that it had only stopped on account of it breaking, which tends to stop most things. Apparently “it’s rechargeable.” “Or maybe it’s battery powered”. “It’s probably both”. Funnily enough I’m not holding out much hope of this making it to the US, yet alone the UK. Can’t win ’em all I guess.

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