CES 2007: LG's new Shine phone

CES 2007, Mobile phones

The LG Shine phone is currently only available in Asia, but it’s been promised to the UK for a while now. However, the pictures seen so far don’t do it justice, and I was surprised to find out how attractive it was once I got to the stand.

Susi Weaser
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One thought on “CES 2007: LG's new Shine phone

  • Well I’ve had this phone for 24hrs now and I’m really not sure if I love it or hate it!
    To look at this phone is a winner no doubts there, it feels nice and heavy (well it should do it’s made of shiney metal) with a lovely big screen that when not in use is reflective and can double as a mirror in an emergancy… I’ll be the hero when that happens that’s for sure!
    The trouble starts when you open it, the slide is sprung but even at this early stage I have concerns about the mechanism lasting for the entire 18mth contract I certainly won’t be giving away my old handset.
    The shiney aspect of the Shine is going to be high maintainence i fear.. either that or I will have to take to wearing surgeons gloves when using it… people already look at me funny when they ask to examine the phone and I refuse, clutching it protectively to my breast.

    You need to personalise it pretty quickly… well to be honest it makes you! EVERYTHING you touch on this phone has a tone or jingle attached to it as a default… buttons, slides (the slide has one jingle when you open it and another for when you close it) designed to let your ears and everyone in the vicinity, know what your eyes have already told you.

    Texting is always difficult to start with on a new handset and this is no different. The keypad is flat and metal so its not the most ergonomically pleasing thing to grind your fingernails against whilst typing. The other real problem with this flat surface is it’s east to hit the wrong keys… this is not usually much more than an annoyance but on this phone if you make that mistake with the No. 3 (D E F) you hit the back button and this takes you out of the message screen and deletes the entire message… I’ve done this EVERY time I’ve tried to send a message so far, as a result the content of said messages had declined sharply. Once you have successfully completed your message sending it even if it’s in reply the process seems to involve much button pressing….. SEND? press OK (beepety ping!) send message? press OK (dingdong) confirm send? press OK hard (dingdong!) add randon recipient? press NO with fist (bing bong) so send yeah? jab OK with bleeding finger…. who was this for again? AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

    The software is useful… it allows you to type memo’s and stuff that are saved to your phone… well it would be useful if the computer and the phone could connect to each other… alas this seems not to be the case for some reason… and as the phone is unable to recieve calls or messages whilst attached to the computer there is only so much time I’m gonna spend trying to work out why… there is after all only one lead and that only goes in one place, that leaves little scope for human error, even when you consider the human.

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