CES 2007: Belkin Easy Transfer makes for a painless transition to Vista

CES 2007, Computers

We’ve seen a LOT of Vista over the past few days – so much so that I’m even beginning to forget all the shameless similarities to Mac OS X. And it would be a real pain in the arse getting all my music, vids, work files, and photos transferred over. Not to mention all my carefully tweaked Windows settings that I’d lose. Or so I’d thought; Belkin has actually just revealed its Easy Transfer cable that you can use to transfer your content from your dusty old XP machine into a shiny new Vista PC.

And it isn’t just there to carry the data across either. It actually has a chip inside that will automatically seek out your files and settings (but not apps) to transfer them across. It is 8 feet long and all you really need to do is plug one end into your XP machine, the other into the Vista machine and leave it do its thing.

The transfer speed is quoted as 480Mbps, so 30GB of data would take about an hour. They’re not available quite yet, but will be in time for Vista’s US launch at the end of this month. Expect Europe to follow whenever Vista makes its way over.

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