CES 2007: ASUS U1

CES 2007, Computers


Isn’t it annoying when you take you laptop outside to your favourite sun lounger so you can soak up some rays while you work, only to have the bright sunlight render the contents of your screen almost invisible? Well that’s probably easier to imagine out here in the Nevada desert than it is back home under London’s grey skies, but bear with me. ASUS has developed a laptop to solve that very problem and will be ideal for dedicated sun worshipers – this is the U1, which has an OED screen designed to be bright enough to remain visible even in bright daylight.

What’s more, it’s fairly compact (unfortunately there’s no more exact specs yet) so you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying it about and, conveniently, that leaves you with a spare hand to hold nicely chilled margarita with; especially ideal if you work from home.

The U1 isn’t due out for another couple of months and the price is set to be around $2000 (which probably equates to about £2000, grrrr). There’s not much in the way of other information going around but it was running Vista so it should hopefully be fairly powerful. We were told that battery life is set to be pretty healthy 6-7 hours too.

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