Carnival of the Green #59 opens at Hippyshopper


Hippyshopper hosts the first Carnival of the Green for 2007, and being the first one in three weeks, it’s triple packed.  Up top we’ve got word from Carnival founder and Hippyshopper emeritus Al Tepper, who was tapped to write Blogbridge’s ‘Green Planet’ expert topic guide.  His list, in alphabetical order: Eco Worrier from Times Online, ecorazzi, Greenpeace, Gristmill from Grist, Hippyshopper (!), Joel Makower, RealClimate, The Oil Drum, Treehugger and WorldChanging.  Wow.  That’s amazing company to be in and thanks are due from me and (again, alphabetically) John, Katie, Ken and Sarah.  Please do drop by to see the rest of the carnival, including a guide to carbon offset systems, programs for solar power in Africa, and many ways to cut your power consumption. [GT]

Carnival of the Green #59 at Hippyshopper

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