CES 2007: Bill Gates keynote speech liveblog intro


They’ve got Elvis, white tigers, Celine Dion, and a heck of a lot of scantily-clad waitresses without trousers. But for one day in early January, they also get an entity even more special than if Celine Dion were riding a white tiger bareback whilst without trousers. Mmmm…let’s just savour that thought for a moment. Today is the day Bill Gates makes a special appearance at CES, where he usually spins the same marketing jargon he’s been spouting for years. Vista, 360, Windows Live, can his hair get even more grey without turning white, these are what we’re expecting from the Gates. Of course, we’d much rather be listening to the same babble coming from Steve Jobs, but only because we’d hit that first. Naturally.

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