Apple's Special Event rumours home in on February 20th


Apple logoApple rumours are ridiculously easy to write, so I try to limit them at the risk of pushing out articles that are actually based on fact. Nevertheless, the rumour of an Apple Special Event in February is now rumoured to be happening on February 20th.

That’s according to more unnamed sources, this time reporting to Apple Recon. The announcements? Probably software, likely Mac hardware.

Still if it’s big enough ‘news’ to make Gizmodo, I don’t see why we shouldn’t report it as well. If you’ve a few minutes to spare and like a laugh, try reading the comments. For example, Dancm2000 says:

Is the taken already?

Seriously though. I hope its a huge .mac upgrade. PVR with SlingBox type powers. Skype like VoIP. Huge iDisk. I mean Donald Trump yuge! A useful version of iWeb. Video Rentals through iTunes and Apple TV. (Hey, AT&T is getting it).

‘One more thing’: A Limited Edition NBC’s The Office branded 17″ Mac Book Pro. You choose your fav character and it comes airbrushed with thier pic on the clamshell and all alerts are done with their voice. Schrute costs extra, but comes pre-installed with World of Warcraft. Apple, Inc hearts The Office. Either that or a Pirates III iPod dock.

(btw, seriously, I aint making fun. I’d by the SchruteBook Pro…ftw woot!)

It’s quotes like this that make pursuing Apple rumours across the web so fulfilling.

(Via Gizmodo)

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