Apple gets tough over web sites offering 'iPhone skins' for other Microsoft/Palm-based smartphones

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pixellatediphone.gif“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – but as we’ve seen all too often, that old adage doesn’t wash with Apple and their bevy of lawyers.

Notwithstanding the fact that no-one has access to a retail iPhone yet (and won’t for months), owners of lesser smartphones running inferior mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile and Palm OS) can apparently get their hands on iPhone skins to jazz up their displays with Apple icons.

None of these ‘skins’ offer any extra functionality – but they might just spread a bit of Apple magic amongst users of other devices.

Not if Apple have anything to do with it, though. Not only were the offending web sites targeted by lawyers, but so were – allegedly – journalists who reported the existence of these skins. That’s why the attached photograph has been pixelated (I’m not implying it’s criminal to own a Windows Mobile device, honest)

It’s an interesting situation in which both the developer of these illicit skins, and Apple, get extra publicity. Unfortunately, it does tend to dull Apple’s shine a little more.

(Via All Headline News)

Andy Merrett
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