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sameera.jpgCan you really do justice to epic Bollywood movies on a two-inch screen? Mobile industry bigwigs the GSM Association certainly think so, having launched a ‘Mobile Bollywood Initiative’, in partnership with mobile firms Roamware and Hungama Mobile.

The threesome plan to premiere three Bollywood short films at next month’s 3GSM show in Barcelona, which have all been directed by Bollywood icon Sanjay Gupta. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in a project that has a promise and potential to create a whole new distribution model for Bollywood cinematic entertainment,” he says.

“Our project ‘Dus Kahaniyah’ has been made keeping the mobile and digital medium in mind and the fact that today the market for short films has been given a huge impetus as the quality of video experience on mobile has improved significantly.”

Mobile Bollywood films could be enormous, given their popularity – an estimated global audience of over two billion viewers – and the large number of mobile users in India (140 million) and elsewhere in the world.

Stuart Dredge
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