Tempbot looks for love, finds only Best Overall Film



The No Spot Film Festival is done by venerable internet advertising purveyor AdCritic (which you may remember as, for a brief shining time, a repository of television ads which made it one of the coolest sites online, before it basically tanked because nobody in the 1990s had the bandwidth to do streaming video the way YouTube blithely does now). Four awards went out: Best Overall Film, Best Direction, Best Branded Content (for a swatch called “Adicolor Pink”) and Best Editing. Best Overall Film went to a ~ 15 minute short called Tempbot, which explores a week in the life of a robotic temp. Hilarity ensues when Tempbot misunderstands a common cue of office culture. Well, at least the animatronics are cool. [GT]

No Spot Film Festival, featuring Tempbot

Gabrielle Taylor
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